 This is a co-ed league.
 Teams are composed of 18 members
 There must be at least 3 females on the field at all times.
If a team cannot field 3 females then the ratio drops to 2 females 6 men on the field.
 There is a maximum of 10 players on the field at one time.
 All team members present must kick in the lineup. Not everyone has to play the field but it is encouraged for your team to play everyone.
 There is a minimum of 8 players from each team needed to start the game.

 Home teams will be established on schedule given prior to season.
 All games will be a full 9 innings. Extra innings are permitted if teams are tied by the bottom of the 9th inning. The total innings depend on the time frame of 1 hour 15 minutes. No game may exceed the time frame given.
 Games may end in a tie if no change in score occurs before the time limit.
 Games are scored 2pts. For a win, 0 for a loss, and 1 for a tie.
 In the event of a forfeit the winning team receives 2pts and 8 runs.
 A game is considered complete after 5 full innings of play.
 Anyone not registered and or have not signed the waivers and paid registration fees may not play.
 Line ups must be exchanged before a game.
 If a player shows up late they must be added to the end of the lineup. Otherwise it’s an out for every time they are up to kick.
 Games are to start at their designated times on schedule.
 In the event of inclement weather and a game is unable to be made up, we will use the winning percentage.

 All pitching must be underhand. No sidearm. Ball must be released below the waist. Pitcher will receive 3 warnings. Sidearm pitches will be called as balls. After third warning a new pitcher will be required for the remainder of that game.
 A ball within the lines (strike zone) is considered a strike this extends to the chalk lines as well.
 Any pitch that bounces higher than 1 foot (12”) as measured from the bottom of the ball to the surface of the plate (in the strike zone) is considered a ball.
 A ball must touch at least once on the ground before hitting or crossing the plate. If a ball is pitched takes one bounce and lands on the plate it is a strike regardless of the 12” rule.
 No intentional walks. The ball must be pitched to the kicker. If pitcher is intentionally walking a kicker than the kicker gets second base.
 Once pitcher takes control of the ball in the “pitchers trap” (12’ trapezoid around pitcher’s mound) the play stops. Runners who have not made it past the halfway points before pitcher takes control in the trap will be safely sent back to the previous base. If pitcher makes a play either inside or outside of the trap. (This includes faking a throw) then the runner can continue to run. In other words if the pitcher wants the play to stop they must hold the ball in the trap.
 Only the pitcher can stop the play in the pitchers trap. Pitcher must release the ball from the “Pitchers Trap” and remain in the trap until the ball is kicked.
 Any pitch outside the trap is called a ball.
 Catcher must remain behind kicker and may not cross home plate before the ball is kicked. If this occurs the pitch is considered a ball.
 Catcher may not have any physical contact with the kicker while kicking. If this occurs kicker receives a free first base.
 No more than 10 players on the field at one time.
 No fielder is allowed to cross the first and third base halfway marks until the ball is kicked. A warning will be given for the first violation and the play is dead. Kicker comes back to kick again. If second infraction results during the games, the kicker will be given an automatic second base.
 Fielders must remain out of the baseline unless making a play on the ball. If a fielder is in the baseline and not attempting to make a play for the ball, contact is made with the runner or the runner must avoid the fielder to get to the base, then the runner is given the base they were running to.
 There is no intentional dropping of the ball to get an excessive out this will be called at the umpire’s discretion. (Infield fly ball is dropped purposely to hold a runner on a base bringing both the lead runner and the secondary runner to the same base for an easy double play. While this is a strategic move it’s also sort of a low blow so just don’t try it.)
 First baseman must use inside base for plays at first. The orange base is for the runner. If there is a bad throw to first, the baseman has the right to the orange base and the runner may then use the white. The entire point of the two bases is to avoid collisions at first. If either the baseman or the runner use both bases at the same time then the play will be called accordingly.
* Please remember (especially if you are playing first base) to make all efforts to use the corner of the bag instead of standing on the bag. It’s a good way to avoid injury to yourself and other players.
 Every player who is playing in the game must kick.
 All kicks must occur at or behind home plate (planted foot on the plate) and must be kicked below the waist. Bouncing off any part of a kicker’s body is a foul ball.
 If a kicker passes the plate while kicking, pops up and ball is caught it is an out. If the ball is missed or is a ground ball it is considered a foul and no runners may advance.
 Any interference by the catcher automatically gives kicker first base. Interference is called at umpire’s discretion.
 If a ball is pitched and strikes the kicker while they are still behind home plate it is considered a foul. If the ball strikes the kicker while in fair play the kicker is out
 A strike is a pitch that rolls through the strike zone. Kicked at and missed by the kicker or a foul ball.
 A ball is a pitch outside the strike zone or a ball that bounces over 12” in the strike zone.
 Strike zone is 18” to the left and right of home plate.
 There are a total of 3 strikes for an out.
 4 fouls are considered an out.
 All kicks must be below the waist. If above the waist kick is a foul ball.
 If you kick, miss and strike out you will be pointed and laughed at.
 4 balls result in a walk to first base.
 Bunting is allowed however the ball must roll past home plate and stay in fair territory for it to be considered in play.
 The base path is 3’ from either side of the baseline.
 There are no lead offs. (Runners cannot leave the base until ball is kicked.)
 No stealing
 Tie goes to the runner.
 A runner must be on base until the ball is kicked. Automatic out if runner leaves the base.
 Runner must stay within the baseline while running from base to base. Leaving the base line to avoid being tagged is an out and will be determined by the umpire.
 A runner may only overrun first base. All other bases may not be overrun. If a base runner overruns first base and turns out (turns right) they are safe at first. If they turn in towards 2nd (inside the base line) making an attempt to go to second they are still in play and can be tagged out. The attempt is called at the umpire’s discretion.
 There are halfway marks between all the bases. If a runner does not make it past the halfway point when the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitchers trap then they will be sent back to the previous base. If the pitcher makes a play on the runner, (this includes fake throws) then the runner can continue to run at their own risk. In other words, run until the umpire calls you back. Remember, only the pitcher can stop the play in the pitchers trap.
 There is no infield fly rule.
 Tag ups are allowed. If the ball is in the air and a catch is attempted, the tag up starts once the ball makes contact with the fielder, not when they have control of the ball. This is also the case when two fielders catch the same ball. (Example, Mecler makes an attempt to catch the ball and Matt is on 3rd base tagging. (foot stays on base until catch is made) The ball hits Mecler and bounces off. (Matt can leave the base when the ball makes contact with Mecler.) The ball is then caught by Ali. The kicker is out but Matt has legally tagged up and his run counts if he makes it home.)
 Runners may tag up on foul ball catches.
 If a ball is over thrown outside the foul lines but still inside the fence line (still in play) the ball is still live and runners can go as far as they want at their own discretion.
 If the overthrown ball is recovered, a play is made and the base runner is hit with the ball on the shoulders or below it is an out. The ball is still live and other players may advance until play is stopped.
 If the overthrown ball goes out of the fence line then the ball is dead and the runner automatically gets the base they were running to plus 1. Determined by when the ball was overthrown. (Runner is going to 1st base. Ball is overthrown out of the fence line. Play is dead; runner gets first and is free to proceed to second base automatically.)
 A runner that is hit with a ball above the shoulders (head shot) is safe.
 A runner hit on the shoulders or below prior to reaching the base is considered out.
 A runner is called out when the ball kicked is caught in the air, being hit on or below the shoulders while approaching a base or forced outs. (1st baseman receiving the ball and tagging base prior to base runner reaching it.)
 Any player using their head to intentionally block the ball will be called out.
 Base runners may not touch or catch the ball. If they do, they will be called out and play is dead.
 Pinch runners are permitted but only after a runner make it to first base on their own. No exceptions.

 There are 9 innings in a game.
 3 outs are half of an inning.
 6 outs is 1 total inning.
 5 full innings are considered a full game.
 Teams may take players off the line ups for injuries or if they need to leave early without penalties as long as they notify the other team.
 Additions to the lineups must be before completion of the 5th inning and kicker is added to the end of the lineup. Additions must also be made aware to the other team.
 Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your game time.
 There is a grace period of 10 minutes for your team to arrive before umpires start games.
 Appropriate footwear is required. Sneakers or non metal cleats must be worn. Absolutely no flip flops, bare feet, steel toed boots/shoes or altered shoes for performance enhancement are allowed.
 In the event of inclement weather every effort is made to try and schedule a makeup game provided the game is canceled prior to the completion of the 5th inning and dependent upon field availability.
 Umpiring will consist of one behind the plate umpire who has call over any play.
 Each team will choose a team captain. The team captain is the only one allowed to challenge a call.
 Team captains are responsible for paperwork for their team, (waivers, roasters, sending scores,etc.).
 Captains are also responsible for emailing the results from the games to FACKA. (
 Every player must wear a team jersey provided. We know sometimes people forget them. If for some reason a player does not have their jersey then the team captain may ask permission from the other team to allow that person to play prior to the start of the game.
 Tournament dates are set back in December for summer and in May for the fall season. Depending on season, not all teams will make it to the playoffs. Only players who play in the championship game will receive Superball Rings.

 Standings are based on scores throughout the season. Teams will only be credited for their scores if team captains turn in the info to FACKA for updated standings.
 Standings are based on the following
1. Total Points
2. Head to Head (win/ loss)
3. Runs Scored
4. Runs Against (if necessary)
 Any ignorance will not be tolerated. A player will be ejected from games or from the league with no refund pending a board vote.
 Alcohol on the field is ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED. Violators will be asked to leave and /or ejected from league pending board vote. If caught with alcohol on Frederick County property you will be fined $500.00 and or 2 days in jail. This is a county regulation.
Conditions for ejection from the league include but are not limited to:

1. Excessive inappropriate language
2. Fighting or attempting to fight
3. Un-sportsman like conduct
4. Consuming alcohol on official FACKA grounds
5. Disregarding rules and regulations from Frederick County Parks and Rec. (alcohol, speed limits on park property, littering, etc.)
6. Abusing umpires, players or FACKA staff.
 Ejections or suspensions are determined by the umpires and rules committee.
 Please remember you are a representative of FACKA when you are on the fields. The county as well as FACKA expects you to leave the fields in the same condition or better than when you found them. If we respect our parks and playing fields then we keep them for the next year. Please be mindful of that when you arrive and leave our parks.

 Before or after games, you are not required but invited to attend any of our sponsors bars or restaurants. Each sponsor’s special will be posted weekly or monthly, however often they update. Something good regardless, so come out, meet people, network and most of all, HAVE FUN!
 Jason Mecler- League President
• Email:
 Alison Valois- Task Master
• Email:

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